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Aims and Objectives of the School

Statement from the Children

Our intention at Ysgol Y Felinheli is to create a happy school, where everyone does their best at all times; takes pleasure from learning and cares for each other.

School's Vision

Our vision at Ysgol Y Felinheli is that every pupil receives a full and broad education of the highest standard; that pupils develop to the best of their ability and that pupils enjoy coming to school. We are eager to create and maintain an environment that will promote the pupils' happiness, as well as our overall development as individuals, based on a relationship of mutual respect and care towards each other and our environment.

Every individual within the school's community will be appreciated and respected. We take pride, and place a special emphasis on celebrating successes. We aim to realise this by providing a diverse, balanced and rich curriculum; giving pupils interesting, unforgettable learning experiences and current resources in order to stimulate natural curiosity in every child. In turn, this will prepare the pupils for their future as local and global citizens.

Firm foundations will be set in their local area, in their Welshness, as well as their loyalty to the local community and their heritage, whilst also developing respect towards other beliefs and cultures.

We are eager for the children of Ysgol Y Felinheli to leave the school as confident pupils, who enjoy learning. I wish to encourage learners who are prepared to face challenges, to be able to learn independently, as well as be able to collaborate effectively and apply a range of skills to various situations.

The Voice of the Child is very important at Ysgol Y Felinheli. We believe that a pupil's contribution towards the learning and including them in decisions can create an empowering environment that increases aspirations, as well as develop positive attitudes in young people to be actively involved in their community.

As staff and Governors, we emphasise the partnership between the school and the home for the welfare of each of our children. We hope that you will collaborate with the school to ensure that the time your children spend at the school is a successful period in their lives and that they develop both academically and socially.

With your cooperation, we can foster confidence in the children to develop the skills required for lifelong learning.

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