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Parents are welcome to visit the school. However, safety measures are in force and every visitor is asked to report to the school's secretary or Headteacher upon arrival.

Normally, the Headteacher will be available at the school between 8:45am and 4:00pm or at any other time if an appointment is made. Similarly, you can arrange an appointment to see the teachers. Contact the school's secretary on 01248 670 748.


Every effort is made to ensure a safe environment for the pupils. The school yard is enclosed and the building is protected by digital locks. The school site is regularly inspected to ensure an appropriate maintenance programme and electrical appliances, the alarm and fire prevention equipment are tested in accordance with the Authority's guidelines.

School Uniform

The Governors are of the opinion that school uniform promotes pride in the school and a sense of belonging to the school.

The official uniform is:

Blue sweatshirt
Grey skirt/trousers
Blue polo shirt
Black shoes

In the Summer, the following may be worn:

Grey shorts
Blue sweatshirt
Blue and white striped dress

The uniform is available from ‘Orchid Fashion’ Bangor, ‘All Sewn Up’ Bangor and also available in local supermarkets.

Physical Education Kit:

Black shorts
Black leggings
Black jogging bottoms
White T-shirt
Trainers suitable for P.E

Physical Education bags are for sale at the school for £4

Important - Please ensure that every item of your child's uniform has been clearly labelled with your child's name.

cartoon of school lunchSchool Dinners

Balanced and healthy school dinners are provided. A multi-choice dinner is offered to the pupils. A menu is available which notes what is prepared for dinner daily.

If your child is allergic to a particular food, this information should be included on your child's admission form or by contacting the Headteacher. The information will be passed on to the Head Cook. The children will eat under supervision in the hall.

The School-Home Relationship

This school cannot succeed without parents' support. We therefore encourage you to take interest in your children’s education.

This is an "open" school, i.e. parents are always welcome. If you would like to discuss your child's education please contact the school secretary to make arrangements to see the class teacher or headteacher.

As well as visiting individually, parents are also given three formal opportunities to visit the school during the year. We hold two Open Evenings and one Open Day every year. As well as these Open Evenings, we usually hold a Concert or Service at Christmas time and a Sports Day during the summer term.

It is vitally important that parents realise the value of an honest and open relationship between the school and home. Ultimately, we all have a single aim, the aim of providing the best possible education for your children. The home-school partnership is essential to the success of our aims.

If any changes occur in the home environment, which could affect the academic performance of your child or on their behaviour at school, we ask you to notify the Headteacher as soon as possible.

We can reassure you that such information will be treated wisely and kept strictly confidential.


Reading is an incredibly important part of a child's educational development. Consequently, we have a Home Reading plan where parents are asked to read with their children regularly. During the first years, Welsh books are provided and followed by books in both languages. Both English and Welsh literature are brought home as your child's reading develops.

Guidelines will be presented to parents on how to assist with reading when your child starts at the school. A staff member will monitor the learners' Home Reading books in the Foundation Phase, on a regular basis, and change them as required. In KS2, we expect pupils to return and change their home reading books themselves. Pupils are encouraged to choose their own books.

Assisting your child with reading is essential. Parents are expected to sign and note comments in the Reading Record booklet.

In addition, in order to promote an interest and fondness of reading, we will distribute book catalogues from time to time. You are under no obligation to make a purchase.

Musical Instrument Lessons

cartoon of musical instrument

Peripatetic teachers will visit the school to give woodwind, brass instrument, violin, harp and drums lessons. They will be offered to Yr 3-6 pupils. The lessons currently cost £165 per year. A discount is offered to parents who are in receipt of Income Support.

Taking Photographs

Occasionally, photographs will be taken of the children participating in school activities. Some of these photographs may appear in the newspapers, be included in publications or on the school website, Gwynedd Council or other organisations with whom we collaborate. If you do not wish for your child to be included in such photographs, please note this in the permission letter that will be sent to you, or please write a letter to the Headteacher. If no objection is expressed, the school will take for granted that you consent to photo-taking.

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