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Healthy School / Eco School

The school is a member of the Healthy Schools and Green Schools schemes.

This gives pupils opportunities to realise the importance of keeping healthy and fitness, as well as matters relating to conservation, recycling and saving energy.

Healthy School

  • The school promotes the health of the child and the health of the entire school community
  • By means of various activities, health and well-being awareness is promoted
  • Fruit and healthy foods will be served at the Foundation Phase Café
  • Pupils participate in tournaments and a range of sports
  • Extra-curricular sports clubs
  • Regular walks are held
  • Links with the Community are promoted
  • The health and well-being of staff is cared for
  • Fostering the learners' self-worth
  • Ensure security at the school

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Children are not allowed to bring sweets and confectionery to school. They are welcome to bring fruit to eat during morning and afternoon play times. In addition, children are not permitted to bring toys to school, except on special occasions.

Green School / Eco-School

By committing to the Green School project, we as a school have agreed to:
• Reduce waste
• Save energy and natural resources
• Reduce pollution
• Care for the local environment
• Travel wisely

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The Eco-school Committee, which includes pupils from Yr. 3-6, meets regularly to discuss the above matters. The committee has raised the awareness of all school pupils on environmental matters, such as establishing a litter squad, installing recycling boxes in every class, gardening, saving energy.

The school has been awarded the Platinum status. Whole-school procedures were established to promote awareness of green matters.

The school has also been awarded the green Eco-school banner.

The school works to promote an understanding of Fair Trade and arranges stalls and fund-raises at fairs and fair trade principles are included in the Curriculum.

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